Antifa – A tale about cowards with sticks and stones

2017 is a crucial year for elections in some of the biggest European countries and as many of you know, the prospects look somewhat concerning. After Britain has already voted to leave the EU there are also the anti-EU parties Front National in France or the AfD in Germany on the rise. If they get enough votes, the EU as we know it could be history. This obviously sparks a lot of emotions, especially for me as an Expat. My whole existence is built on the foundation of the EU´s benefit of being able to travel and work where I want. I would demonstrate against the AfD if I still lived in Germany. I think they are a terrible party with idiotic ideas, very bad representatives who are often tied to racism as well as backwards ideas such as “women should be mothers first”.

Yesterday the AfD held their party congress in Cologne, Germany. Many people went there to demonstrate and voice their opinions, peacefully.

And then there was, once again, Antifa and their left-radical so-called “Black Block” attacking people, intimidating them, throwing stones and bottles at the police, pedestrians and party members. For example I saw a video of 8 masked Black Block members intimidating, mocking and physically blocking a senior citizen who wanted to enter the congress building. Scenes like these are already well known from other big political events and of course the yearly “May riots” on the 1st of May in Berlin or Hamburg. They destroy property, attack everyone they see who has a different opinion which leads to many hundreds of injured people and tens of millions of Euros in damages every time they “demonstrate”. To them it is not about Democracy or freedom of speech, it´s a sport and way to let off steam.

When I was young and lived in Koblenz I knew many people in the left wing spectrum and quite a few of them were openly standing with Antifa. I had always been a conservative and trying to exchange ideas and discuss with them was pointless. It was like speaking to a complete fanatic or a wall. They´d get aggressive, start yelling and calling me a racist whenever they ran out of arguments, no matter what the debate was about. When I was a Soldier they yelled “Murderer!” at me when I arrived at the train station of my home city and I´d get into a lot of heated arguments with them.

The clear problem in some EU countries is: Being “left” is socially more acceptable than being a Patriot. People can do and say the craziest stuff, as long as they do it under the cover and pretense of “fighting racism” they seem to be untouchable.

In the United States we´ve recently seen what happens if people are finally fed up with this nonsense and fight back. The Berkley Riots. And oh boy, did Antifa get their asses handed to them. They arrived, as usual, dressed in black, wearing face masks and balaclavas, ready to fight and beat people like it is a sport. But the opposing side had none of it. They fought back hard and chased them through the street like rats. And Antifa ran, suddenly yelling for police protection. Protection from the very same police that was once again supposed to get attacked by them on that day.

Here´s my point: I don´t care if you are a Patriot, left, liberal or whatever as long as you respect the right of free speech and don´t hide under false covers to attack people. Truth be told: I openly despise Antifa and the Black Block with all my heart. I always stood and still will stand up whenever I encounter them. Because being a Patriot to me is not about waving a flag or voting for a certain party. It is about defending the right of everyone to say what they want freely and to make sure we all can do so in a Democracy without having to be afraid to be assaulted for it.

Catch ya later,


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