Stockholm chronicles part 22: Knee surgery for our kitten

A few weeks ago out cat Lovis (the one with the smokey fur) thought she could make a 2 meter jump while playing. Turns out, it wasn´t such a good idea and she crashed into the wall and fell onto a violin that stood next to our couch. By doing so she popped he left knee cap out of the socket and that was that. The next day I rushed her to the vet and we started treating her with Metacam to make sure the swelling goes back. Often this is enough since cats have amazing healing abilities and especially the young ones are able to deal with physical trauma in a fascinating way. However, in this case the injury was too heavy and she needed surgery. We went to the Anicura Albano clinic in Stockholm a few times to get her double checked and prepared for surgery. I´ve to say: In this hospital the animals get treated better than most humans in their according clinics. The staff is super friendly, professional and well organized. It was very easy for us and a mix of Swedish and English made it also possible to have a very good communication. At this point I can only recommend having an animal insurance. The one we have has covered nearly a thousand euros on the surgery and another 600 or 700 euros on the x ray´s and injections. Fantastic, quick and reliable!

Now Lovis has to spend a lot of her days in a cage, with a cone around her head, healing. She does well so far. We take her out a few times during the day, move her, cuddle her and make sure she can clean herself. We just have to make sure she does not lick the wound or try to rip open the stitches. As for the cage we had to modify it a bit, because she immediately started climbing up and jumping as soon as we put her in. She wen completely bananas the first night. But since we lowered the ceiling it´s all good and she even goes back into the cage once she had enough of walking about.

A weird thing happened though: Her sister Lykke started to be super afraid of her. For the first 2 days she was hissing and growling at her whenever she came close, also running away from her. We think it´s a mix of the unusual smell Lovis had after 3 days in the clinic paired with the cone around her head. Now, after another 3 days, things start getting back to normal ever so slowly. We gave Lovis a t-shirt with my smell to sleep on it so she gets rid of the hospital smells in her fur. Today Lykke and Lovis had a very brief encounter of playing together which I had to break up immediately… sorry about that 😛 But: No playing for 2 weeks. Looks like things will be back to normal between them in a few days.


Catch ya later,


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