Stockholm chronicles part 19: A climbing park for our cats (with construction guidance)

Our cats have a lot of energy – A LOT of energy. They sprint around all day, playing, fighting, trying to climb and jump on top of everything they can reach since cats love to have a perfect overview. So I thought about how to keep them away from our furniture better. The solution is their own little personal climbing and adventure park. I just finished phase 1 of the construction and here´s how I did it:

I needed some tools and equipment to build it, all in all I spent 150€ on supplies:

  • A Hammer drill with concrete and wood drills
  • Screw anchors
  • Screwdriver and pliers
  • Some Screws and nuts
  • Cut wood planks
  • Wall mounts
  • A metal basket
  • Some zip ties
  • Carpet and carpet tape


I got the supplies from Bauhaus, DIY store in Bromma, Stockholm. And here´s how I built it. I added notes to each picture. You may have to click the pics for them to become visible. Picture order is from left to right.


Here´s a video of us playing together on their new adventure land

The park will gt some additional platforms, ramps and I´m planning on building a cave as well. But that´ll happen over the next weeks. For the time being, they´re happy with it and hanging out on the climbing park all the time.


Catch ya later,


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