Changing my life – Part 1: Step by step

Like many other people I was often talking about “changing my life”. I was talking about how in shape I was “back in the days” or how much I used to lift way back when. That was mostly due to the fact that I was unhappy with myself and like the majority of people you turn to the golden past when you´re unsatisfied with an aspect of your life. The reason it became this way was due to the fact that I had two bad incidents with herniated discs in my lower back. Months of pain and frustration lead to me stopping sports all together and becoming a couch potato, getting chubby and weak. It got so bad that I could not even do 3 push ups. Long story short: I was miserable.

My wife Iris started a body transformation in 2014 where she´s have regular kettlebell classes during the week and also get a diet plan which she followed religiously. After a few weeks we could already see good results and she became happier, more content and overall felt healthier and better. During that time I had a lot of stress in work which added to me eating more junk food and at irregular times, getting chubbier and weaker due to not having any physical activity.

I remember the day when I had enough. I walked to the cafeteria in work and saw an offer on the blackboard. Someone was selling a weight bench, dumbbells and weight plates. Out of a mood I thought “Okay, let´s do this”. And that was it, that was the moment it all changed for me. I bought the weight equipment, started to train at home for a bit and eventually joined a gym, last year in November. I´m not gonna lie, my main goal was to build mass on my arms and that is what I trained for mainly. My good friend Morten however had a different take on things. He said that if I wanted to get in shape, strong and defined I had to train the whole body which included compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, bench press and so on. Since I was (and am) still afraid of a back injury he started me off slowly, we got into technique work big time and bit by bit built on that foundation. I have my notebook in front of me where it says that in November 2015 I would squat with 40 Kilograms. In July 2016, 9 months later that number had gone up to 105 KG for 5 reps. The same level of progression could be seen on all other exercises. I got smarter in the way I trained and bit by bit it slowly became my obsession.

This contained getting up at 6AM, going to the gym, train for 2 hours and then drive to work. It contained changing my diet, cutting all processed food and refined sugars. It required me to pre-cook all my food, say no to free cake at work or sweets handed out by people around me. I´m not gonna lie, the first months were pure carnage for me and it got really hard to keep this going. But I never lost the focus and discipline and knew that if I fall off the wagon now, that´s it. It´ll never change.

Today I think it´s safe to say that I am addicted to training. I would like to train every day and have to force rest days on me because otherwise I´d just hit the gym 7 days a week.

Here are the comparison pictures that I took, one from last year and one from last week. I am finally happy with myself and proud of what I achieved. At the same time I am excited about the road ahead which will be getting stronger, more defined and putting on more mass.


Continue to read in PART 2 – The diet, training and mindset

Catch ya later,


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