Stockholm chronicles part 16: How to adopt kittens in Sweden

Alright, I´ll admit: A few years ago I said the sentence: “I will never own a cat, dogs all the way.” That has changed a bit over the past years, after having lived together with Iris and her cat as well as two foster cats we had for a while.

We went to an institution called Katthemet in Nacka, Stockholm. This is a foster home for cats only, a big beautiful house by a river right on the opposite side of Lidingö, where we live. I can actually walk down to the shore and see the house from where we live BUT thanks to the impossible traffic guidance in Stockholm one has to drive 35 Kilometers around all of Stockholm to get there. But that´s besides the point. You can check their cats on the website and then go there, visit them and book a cat for you. We went there on a Sunday, which is when they actually have a weekly cat café, where cat fans meet and have coffee and tea together. All benefits support the Katthemet. There are loads of volunteers, I counted more than 10 on that day alone.

You can just walk in, talk to them and they put you in a room with the cat you´re interested in so you can play or cuddle. Once you´ve booked the cat you have to visit it two more times and only then will it be delivered to you. That way they make sure you´re actually committed and think it over and not just buy it out of impulse and realize a week later you rather wanted a goldfish. Today we visited Lykke and Lovis for the second time and tomorrow will be the big day – They´re moving into our home. The shelter is really amazing and they do a lot for the cats. It´s super clean, very spacious and the volunteers are absolute cat fanatics who are also super helpful and answer all your questions. They don´t even have to look stuff up since they actually know every cat, their status, name, age and so on by heart which totally baffled me.

If you want to donate to them please do so here. They really have an amazing thing going there for the animals – Your money will be spent on a good thing.

We´re both super exited and can´t wait for our new housemates to arrive. Today I also went cat shopping to make sure they have what they need when they move in. I bought the essentials like a cat toilet, food bowls, kittie food and so on. I´ll totally cook them food next week although people may say it´s rediculous. I had a dog for so many years and I cooked the little man food lots of times, I actually enjoy it. They never complain! 😀

Catch ya later,


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