Weightlifting – Snatch Progression

I´ve finally made it – I am able to dive under the bar. Of course it is not perfect yet but I managed to put all movements of the snatch together and perform it in one single go and that makes me very happy. When starting to get into Olympic Lifting I did not imagine it would be this difficult but it is. Even performing the first pull, the snatch deadlift, right takes so much exercise and then the most difficult part for me is to snatch it up and dive under the bar. Once the weight is above my head it´s okay but I´m struggling with the right amount of force to use.

But all that does not matter – I may suck at it but I´m putting the work in and most important: I really love Olympic Lifting and enjoy doing it.

I owe this to the help of 3 people that I´ve trained with and who showed me the tricks and valuable exercises that made me understand how it´s done. It is important to seek help and a second opinion when doing this. NEVER refuse to listen if someone who is clearly better than you tries to give you advise. Learn and try to find out if it is for you. The trainers I worked with are def. worth their money and if you look around your gym I´m sure you´ll find people who are willing to spot and help you as well. Sport is after all also about social interaction.

Here´s a video with a direct comparison of how my technique changed over the past month. I´m looking forward to work on it and get it down properly!

Catch ye later,


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