Stockholm chronicles part 14: Vikings

One of the cool things in Sweden is the availability of educational programs and events – free of charge. When I first came here I was surprised that many of the places you could visit were actually free. Other than in Venice, Rome, London or Paris where most of the attractions and museums cost a fortune you can enter historical and cultural sites here for free. It´s the same with the language courses I will start next week. I´ll go there 5 times a week for 3 hours each and don´t pay a penny. I don´t know exactly how they finance it but it is great. So, today we went to see the big Viking exhibition in Östermalm, Stockholm. We actually spent around 2 hours in there and also went to see another exhibition of the development of Sweden for the past 1000 years in the same building, all free of charge.

We learned that one of the biggest ancient Viking settlements was actually not too far away from where we went with the kayaks a week ago, on an island in Lake Malären. We decided that we want to kayak there, maybe even this year. that´d be a Viking tour then. Overall an exiting museum tour where we learned much about the gods (which also can be found in Germanic pagan religion), social development, craftsmanship and raids. Since we´re also both fans of the HBO show Vikings it was obvious that we had to see it.

Fun fact: The actual Björn Ironside, son of Ragnar Lothbrok is said to be buried on the island of Munsö on lake Malären – So that´d also be worth a trip in the future!


Catch ya later,


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