Stockholm chronicles part 13: I met a religious fanatic today…

We all heard about big cities being full of lunatics and crazy people. For the past 2 months I did not see any of them in Stockholm when venturing through the streets. But lately, now that I move around less like a tourist and also take my time I feel like they are out to get me. Seems to me that I attract people like that because they walk up to me every 5 minutes. It hasn´t been like that a few weeks ago.

Today was a good example. I was just walking around, minding my own business and playing Pokémon Go when a woman who later said she was from Cameroon walks up to me. “Do you believe in our savior Jesus Christ and the words of the bible?” I was totally caught off guard since I was busy trapping that Zubat I wanted for my collection. So I reply: “Erm, I believe that he has lived and was a real person but I don´t believe every word in the bible… what do you want from me?!” She babbles on about how the words of the bible have to be taken literal in every aspect and everyone who doubts the words is no true Christian. The core conversation went something like this:

Me: “If someone is active in their community, helps others and lives the spirit in everyday life and through actions but does not believe in every word the bible says, is he then not a Christian?”

Her: “NO – He is not a Christian, you cannot be a christian if you don´t believe every word the gospel tells you!”

Me: “So, what you´re saying is that a person who does literally nothing for others but just believes the words in a book that has been written by humans and where actual meaning and context were changed, lost or faked over the centuries, is a better christian than someone who lives Christianity through their actions day by day?!”

Her: “YES because they believe in the words of the true god and our savior Jesus Christ!”

Me: “But what about Islam or…”

Her (REALLY angry): “NO NO NO! Islam is no true religion, Allah is no god! You will not enter the kingdom when you die, you will go to hell if you do not change your believes now and take on Jesus as your savior! Come to your senses before your time is up!”

Me: “Whow, pretty sure a billion Moslems will strongly disagree with what you just said and so do I. How can you walk up to me and say I´m not a Christian and then turn around and say Islam is no Religion? That´s very ignorant and rude of you…”

At this point the conversation was going on for around 5 minutes, back and forth. I wanted to learn what made her so fanatic about literally following every word in the bible and who came up with her kind of definition of Christianity. But my last sentence upset her too much apparently, so she wished me a good day, shook her head and walked off.

I was a bit baffled to say the least… Worst of all…

My Zubat was gone :-/

Catch ya later,


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