Island owners – Kayaking and camping in Sweden Part 1

That was an amazing trip! We took the Kayaks for a good spin to Broknapparna, an island in the middle of the huge lake Malären. First of all I have to say: I´ve seen many big and confusing lakes in my time but this one takes the price. The amount of islands, channels, side lakes and so on is unreal. The lake has surface area of 1140 square kilometers in total. It is so big that in fact they had to split it into named sections. The lake stretches from Stockholm all the way to Köping which is around 90 Kilometers air distance away. That just to give you an idea of the overall size of this water puddle.

We started off at the Kayak harbor where we collected our boats and loaded them on the car. From there we drove to Bauhaus, a “do it yourself” store in Stockholm to buy some final tools for the journey. Now, most of you are familiar with big DIY stores alright, but I still want to take my time to point out how amazing it is to finally have access to a proper “Baumarkt” again. I dig this so much, you have no idea. It even has a Garden store – but I´m fanboying again, sorry about that.


Anyways, after that we were ready to start the adventure into the wild of Sweden. Fantastic warm weather, sunshine and calm winds greeted us at the starting point – click here. Loading the kayaks is the most difficult preparation task. You have to balance the weight to have stability in case of big waves throwing you around (and boy, we had lots of that on the way back) plus you´re limited in what you can carry. Here we are packing it up:

No surprise that my boat steered like a freight train afterwards. I weight around 95 Kilograms and had additional 25 Kilograms of weight on board. I rarely bopped up and down on the waves but just cut through them. We traveled to a group of islands we had scouted out on google maps before and deemed them to be suitable for our adventure. The great thing here in Sweden is that you can camp and trespass wherever you want. Obviously it is expected of you that you do not damage or litter anything. And people do stick to it. I did not see one single piece of trash along the whole way. Here is our journey route for day 1. On the map it´s rather small, the overall length of the trip was ca. 10 Kilometers.


Upon arriving the first thing was to look for a camping spot – not an easy task when the islands have jungle like vegetation, steep rock coastlines and uneven ground. We found a neat spot however but saw it was occupied by some guys with a sailboat. So we patiently waited for them to leave while enjoying a meal in the sun. Then around 7:30PM it was time to build the camp:


With the camp finished it was now time to cook and build a fire for the night, obviously we did that on our own private beach. We had the whole island to ourselves. And so we ended this day playing cards by the camp fire and watching the sun settle behind the trees and eating grilled potatoes we prepared in the hot ashes of the fire – An amazing day comes to an end.


To be continued in Part 2…

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