Stockholm chronicles part 12: Kayaking in the sun and planning a summer adventure

I have to say: Finally, we are able to enjoy a summer again. Shorts, T-shirts, being on the water and also soon to be in the water. As beautiful and amazing as I find Ireland to be – The weather in the west is too harsh for me. Constant rain every day and temperatures that have you turn the heating on in July. It´s convenient and nice to have sunshine and temperatures above 20°C outside. 

We also received and unpacked our Kayaks and today we took them for a spin, first time since last year. Kayaking in Stockholm is very different from Galway, we learned that very quickly. There is a lot of boat traffic and most motor boaters do not give two craps about anyone around them. They´ll crank up the engines and blast away like lunatics. We had some waves coming our way but good thing we learned to kayak on the Atlantic Ocean and from there we are used to way, way worse than this. The next difference is that we were kayaking in sweet water rather than salt water, something we´re also not really used to. But it has the advantage that your gear does not get so sticky and needs intensive cleaning afterwards. A little project will be to install the rudders on the boats once they arrive from Ireland. The current is still strong and boats do their part to send you off course. 

Overall, kayaking in the city region is a bit redundant, we will have to venture further out into the Swedish wilderness once our roof rack arrives. Which leads to the plan for our summer adventure. In July Iris and I will go on a long kayak / hiking camping trip. We are not sure yet as to where we´ll go but it´ll be far out in the woods, away from civilization. We´re planning on doing a trip for 3-4 days, venturing into the deep Swedish countryside by kayak on lakes and rivers. This should be an amazing undertaking given the huge stretches of uninhabited land out here.

And the cool thing about Sweden: You have the right to roam free – what that means is, you can trespass and camp everywhere. Yes, everywhere, even on private property and that includes all the hundreds of island in the Stockholm archipelago. Obviously you can´t be a douche and build a hut or chop down trees or whatnot but pitching a tent and sleeping there is allowed at all times. What an amazing concept, especially for someone from Germany where people call the police if you even do so much as look at their property in the wrong way. Looking forward to it now!

Catch ya later,


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