Stockholm Chronicles part 11: Moving in, a big delivery and lots of cheese

We finally made it – we fully moved into our new appartment. Not just with all the things we had here but actually everything from our old house as well. As you can imagine that was some serious carrying stuff up the stairs when it arrived. Lucky for me the weather over here is amazing which proved to be very helpful because the driver just dropped the pallets on the curb and drove off like a bellend. Needless to say on that day I skipped training, because this was workout enough 😛 That was one of many times I hated myself for having so much music equipment because the hardware bags were both around the 80 Kilogram mark and hauling that up the stairs alone ain´t much fun, telling you that much.

Our pallets from Ireland

Really, we had to buy way more stuff for the new flat than we thought. Since it was completely empty you come across these “hey wait, we´re missing a shelf here” or “we need a soapdish” moments every day. I had to make a total of 4 runs to Ikea until finally we were set. A thing I learned during this time is: Do not use your car in Stockholm during the day. Just don´t. I had no other choice due to appointments but def. only go in the early mornings because from 1PM on the streets transform into absolute mayhem. And I´m not talking about city center, I´m talking about the motorways around Stockholm. From Huddinge to Lidingö it is complete savage survival of the most aggressive. And I thought Germans were roadcrazy. If you can at all avoid it do not take your car to Stockholm during the day. Another point is obviously the terrible parking situation I´ve discussed already.

There is a thing that will boggle your mind when you go shopping in Sweden – The amount of cheese they eat. I mean, I get it: Raiding, pillaging and doing other Viking stuff requires good nutrition but Jesus Christ, so much cheese. And every supermarket is the same. Not even to speak of the overall size of supermarkets here in general. Truly American sizes and the range of selection is so big I catch myself standing in front of a 30 meter long cooler, not knowing what to do next. I thought Tesco was huge but this takes the price. You can just walk in there and buy a whole WHEEL OF CHEESE – Who on this earth buys a wheel of cheese?!


Well, what can I say – Me not speaking the language still proves to be an issue in everyday situations. I go and buy buttermilk instead of real milk or random stuff like that because I can´t read what the contents are. And then randomly walking up to people asking them for help I feel a bit stupid. But I manage and next Tuesday I´ll hit SFI Lidingö and sign up again for language classes. I can´t wait to finally being able to understand what´s going on around me.

We also went and watched the football match in the city between Ireland and Sweden in an Irish Pub with our Irish friends. Of course I cheered for the boys in green as usual. I even cheered for them when they went against Germany. Gotta love the team – Go lads, I hope ye make the next stage! Now I only have to find my Ireland flag and put it up on the window next to my Germany flag.

Catch ya later,



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