Stockholm Chronicles part 10: SFI update,Personal ID, Car registration and more

The administrative work does not seem to stop 🙂 But there are good news: I finally received my personal number from the tax office. That means I can now finally open a bank account, apply for my Swedish ID card tomorrow and many things more. Your Personal Number is required to do pretty much anything in this country. You are being asked for it even when ordering Pizza online. That means tomorrow it´s another trip to the tax office to fill out the application for the ID card.

I also must admit: I was a bit overly eager with SFI (Swedish for Immigrants) language classes. I signed up for it pretty much immediately after we arrived and had my first class yesterday. In my interview I was told that it is no problem to switch schools in case I move. Little did they tell me that this is only true for the communal area of Stockholm. Since Lidingö is a different communal area I will have to apply there again and go through the process one more time. If I´d known that before I would´ve waited, but hey, maybe this will help some of you.

Then the next thing on the list is the car registration. I will get that done next week. If you transfer the car from another EU country and it has been on the road for less than 6 months or 6000KM on the clock when it was purchased it is regarded as new and you´ll have to pay a value tax. Lucky for us our trusty old Ford does not fall in that bracket anymore. Unlike how things were handled in Ireland where we had to pay 1.500€ import tax for a 12 year old car back in the days. To find out more about the registration process check this link

Tomorrow we will move to our new flat and I hope that the internet access will be active by then. Iris will be gone for the weekend and I´ll die of boredom if I don´t have online access while she´s gone. But things seem to look neat since we got a notification earlier that apparently the modem has already arrived. We´ll see tomorrow. Then a lot of assembling furniture has to be done although the biggest parts like the bed and sofa are already finished.

The removal company have now confirmed that our goods from Ireland are supposed to arrive next week. That means we can use the beautiful weather and go kayaking soon – Yay! Also it´d be nice to just have my music equipment with me again. I miss recording really, really bad.

Catch ya later,


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