Stockholm Chronicles part 9: “School´s out” madness & the Ikea space ship

Imagine you´re minding your own business, walking through the city when suddenly you hear very loud music, yelling and honking. You check and it´s only early afternoon on a weekday, weird time for a concert or street parade, innit? I turn around and I see construction trucks driving down the street, loaded with young lads having a party. Obviously I get curious and watch for while – turns out this is how students on Stockholm celebrate their graduation. Convoys like this one were going on all week in Stockholm.

Friday night especially was pretty loud where we live since they all went into town to party in the evening. A lot or sirens going on as well so I suppose even the Vikings aren´t immune to alcohol poisoning 😛

On Saturday we went into Ikea for the longest shopping tour of my life. Oh, have you even seen a round Ikea? If you go to Kungens Kurva (that name tho, my Polish friends will understand) you´ll find yourself in the Ikea UFO. The showroom is completely round and you walk from top to bottom in a spiral, across 4 floors. Pretty cool concept but also confusing at first. Since we had to buy basically everything new I brought the power and might of Excel with me, where I had most of the things measured, planned and calculated before the visit. Pretty accurate actually given that the final price for furniture was only 6€ higher than my calculations. Nonetheless, we all know how it is: You never go to Ikea and buy only what´s on the list. Never. Hence we ended up with a cart full of accessories as well which be put into our car and then came back for the actual furniture shopping.

What really confused me was the amount of children in there. I am not exaggerating when I say that 1/3 of the people in there were kids under 12. Who in gods name thinks it is a good idea to bring little children, toddlers and even new borns to Ikea for a long shopping trip? The crying, moaning and yelling was real. For 5 hours everywhere we went it was “Buuuaaaaarrrrgh uuuuhuuuuuu iiiiiiiiiiiiirghhhh!!!!”

Parents of Stockholm: When you go on a long shopping trip to Ikea and you have a 3 year old – Put them on a play date with one of their friends, ask the grandparents, friends, a babysitter or godparents to watch them for a few hours – But don´t bring them to Ikea. I was exhausted just from the constant yelling and crying around me, the shopping itself was fine.

Anyways: I got a big portion of Köttbullar, Soft Ice and strawberry cake – And that´s what an Ikea visit is REALLY about for me 😀

Today will be the delivery day which means lots of carrying up stairs and assembling. #TeamWork

Round and round it goes – The flying saucer version of Ikea in Stockholm


Catch ya later,




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