Stockholm chronicles part 8: Getting ready to move (again…), T-Bahn Dungeons and the best Ice Cream

In my life it seems that moving has become some kind of a hobby for me. The big jump to Sweden was move number 19 for me. Obviously I´m not counting the upcoming move since the apartment we´re currently in was always only temporary. So I´ll stay at 19 moves. Still, that is an awful lot given that I´m only 31 years old. It´s not easy leaving friends and family behind each time and it does not get easier the more you move although you try to not get too attached to people. But hey, that´s who I am. If I like someone I will obviously become friends and not block them out on the basis that very likely I will move away again.

We got the Kayak storage sorted. Luckily there is a Kayak Club and shop that also rents storage spaces out. And they just had 2 cancellations in, so I grabbed those spots yesterday. After signing the lease a big rock fell off my heart. This was pretty much the last problem we faced and now it is sorted. It was quite a ride down there since it´s in the suburbs. But as usual, the T-Bahn is your friend!  I always thought that there is only one level underground but no – This actually is a whole system on 4 floors. I went all the way to the lowest level which took me 5 minutes. I´ve no idea how deep and spread out it is on the central station it is but let me just say: The elevator ride up on my destination station took 20 seconds. So, that´s some serious depth. On the lowest level which obviously is the road less traveled on the old rattling train carts are still in use, shaking you from left to right. The walls of the tunnels are just the original drill holes but painted with artworks by different artists or sometimes just colors. Overall I liked the lover levels way better than the mainstream upper ones. There is more to see, they´re in better condition, nicer design and it is way, way cooler temperature wise. The last days were hot in Stockholm, around 27°C and blue sky. The train station and all that were unbearable and I broke into sweat after a minute in there already.

Today I wrote to the removal company and gave them green light for the shipping of our household goods. It should take around 2 weeks for them to arrive and they´re even so nice to drop the Kayaks off at the storage unit. However, I still believe we will be billed more money to be honest since the 30 boxes I actually thought we would ship didn´t really work out. We had way more stuff and it kept on pouring out of every inch of our house. and on top of that goes all the crap we took with us in the car. Overall, an awful lot of things given that we arrived in Ireland with only a car full of items. But I guess that what happens if you have a house – you buy things and it doesn´t even stick out so much because yoou have a lot of space. That will chance, now that we´re living in a flat.

Next up: Getting the keys for the flat on Friday and paying an expensive visit to IKEA on Saturday. I hope they have their Köttbullars ready for me ´cause Imma be hungry! After that it´s assembling furniture and waiting for our goods to arrive plus the Internet to be sorted. Apparently you only have to call into the Internet company and if they already have supplied access to that house you can take any router and hook it up and you´re online. Not really believing it yet after having been with Eircom for 4.5 years. Talking about Eircom – Those dipshits obviously once more missed that we cancelled our contract with them. The last time it took 4 months to sort it out. But this time we´re done arguing. Chargeback and that´s it. Screw you, Eircom or Eir or whatever the heck you call yourselves these days.

Oh, and a little tip on the side: There is an actual Ben & Jerry´s ice cream shop in Gamla Stan! Fanatics will love it. But the best Ice Cream so far I´ve gotten from a place called the Espresso House. They also bake the cones themselves, fantastic! If you´re there, give it a try!

Hell, and my language classes start on Monday – A lot is happening, so stay tuned!

Catch ya later,


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