The road to squatting like Morten

It seems like I have managed to get back on track for most exercises now, except the bench press which for some reason still suffers. But I´ll get back on top and increase there in June. As for Squats and Deadlifts it looked neat today. I´m still struggling to put more weights on the bar. But I know I´ll have to go slow due to my back injuries, so better be safe than sorry. I´ll start doing more sets of 8 and 10 during the week and will also additionally back squat on front squat days. I want to be able to hit 110 KG for 5 on squats by then end of June. My good friend Morten who got me into actual weight lifting is still the role model for me when it comes to squats. His form and explosive power is something I want to learn and build on.

Talking about being strong: My wife Iris was in beast mode today. At a body weight of 54 kg she managed to deadlift 60kg for 10 reps straight and with perfect form after having not done deadlifts for 3 weeks. That is pretty savage if you ask me! She is also my spotter and corrects my form on the weekend trainings which is super important for me.

I asked my wife Iris to record me doing squats and deadlifts.

With the Deadlifts I adjusted my form to lifting with squat shoes and today I have barely any bruises on my shins unlike last weekend. Overall I was happy with the training today and was able to improve a bit. The next step is now staying on the weight until I get 8 clean reps out of it and then load up another 5KG and so on.

Today I did:

  • Squats
    • 4 x 5 @ 95KG
    • 1 x 5 @ 100KG
  • Deadlifts
    • 3 x 5 @ 115KG
  • Bench press
    • 1 x 8 @ 75KG
    • 3 x 5 @ 80
  • 4 sets max. pullups

Catch ya later,


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