The importance of the mind

I went to train today and nearly flipped my shit, please excuse my french. After a hectic couple of days I had so much going on in the background that I had no focus and concentration left for my workout which immediately reflected on the results. Weights I´d use to warm up with 2 days ago suddenly were my working sets. Especially on Squats I wanted to take the bar and throw it out of the window, but I´d likely have been to weak for that anyways. This shows me once more what the most important factor of them all is: Your mindset and focus. So my workout went down the toilet but I pushed through it and finished anyways. Even if you have a crap day, don´t quit. I went home highly frustrated but after talking to friends who I used to train with in Ireland I´m back on track for tomorrow´s session of *drumroll*: Power Snatches!

Yes, I´m finally starting on actually trying to train them. It´ll be all over the place but it´ll give me exposure and show flaws in my stance and technique. So, it will be great anyways and I´ll pair it up with weight cardio – something I don´t like doing because you can´t flex cardio. But this will be functional cardio and mobility training, not your typical 20 minutes on the treadmill, because f*** that. 😛

The change in workout routine I had planned is put on hold for now because of all the stuff that´s going on. And with the upcoming move and shipping of our household items from Ireland there will be no time to follow my new routine. However, I´m planning on doing that after we´ve settled in. What it´ll be is a 3 week boot camp where I´ll train 6 days a week in a cycle of functional cardio and compound movements, of course with according rest periods for muscle groups to allow recovery. This is going to be mainly for my core and back to get the weights on squats and deadlifts up. Let´s see how it goes when the time comes! For everyone interested here is what I´ve planned (colored sections are super sets)


If you have input on it please shoot! I´m always interested in getting opinions in and learning new things.

Catch ya later,


3 thoughts on “The importance of the mind

  1. Hey there, great read and so true! My mindset going into a training session has a huge effect on my performance. Just with your program, are you looking to drop your reps as you increase weight or is it more of a maintenance program?


    1. Hello hanaroselaw! Well, the program is built around two goals: increase my core strength and push me to the limit to test how far I can go. I drop reps on some days going from a 3 or 4 x 8 into a heavy 5 x 5 routine. I have a 5 x 5 day on all 4 compound movements. Training 6 days a week is usually regarded as insane and counter productive but I want to see how my body reacts to the 3 week program and make my own experience with my own program. Maybe I will have to change it after a week, but maybe I can push through. You never know until you try 😉


      1. Hey Stefan! That sounds pretty good, I think you’ll get a lot out of it. Your legs will probably hate you for the first week, but they adjust eventually. Good luck with it! Can’t wait to see how it goes for you

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