Stockholm chronicles part 7: A new home, Viking food and real estate madness

This post will be divided into a rant and good news – I have to get something off my chest concerning the real estate market. If you´re not interested in reading it, just skip further down to the “rant over” part. 😛

These were some quite interesting days and lots has happened. I went and had a look at flats together with our relocation agent Christian. Before I go into more detail let´s say this: If you are looking to move to Stockholm without relocation help – May god have mercy on your soul. The real estate market is a nightmare.

People rent out apartments 2nd and 3rd hand and drive up the prices on a market where you do not have more than maybe 5 fitting flats across all of Stockholm. 42 square meters, 2 rooms around 45 minutes outside Stockholm: 1400€ still. Prices in town are even worse. Either the quality is crap, the room even smaller or the deals are shady. For example, one dude was asking 3 months of rent in advance while at the same time putting in a clause he could cancel the lease anytime. Obviously this is illegal – but nobody cares, not the government and not the people who urgently need a place to live. It is a situation that encourages scams and other criminal rip offs. You have to actually see it to believe it. I read posts of people who wrote between 300 and 600 applications to landlords, yes you read that right: Applied for apartments like you apply for a job with an actual letter holding every possible information about you, your job, income, insurances, debt and so on. They wrote that they heard back from maybe 5 or 6 and had a few viewings. Apartments go within hours and they go to the highest bidder. People bribe landlords and offer more rent. The situation is desperate indeed – Again, I´m not making this up.

Rant over! 😀

So, but now for the better part. Today we sealed the deal on a 69 square meter 3 room flat in Lidingö. It is still terribly overpriced but at this point we´re happy to have a place at all. The main problem with the place is that it is unfurnished except for the kitchen. So, we´ll make a huge run to Ikea buying everything from scratch. I calculated the price today and it´ll cost us around 1.300€ to do so. That is a lot of money but at the same time – if we move we can still sell it or take it with us, so whatevs bro.

Yesterday Iris, Ken, Barry, Andreas and I went to an amazing place called Aifur  in Gamla Stan. This is not your usual tourist ripoff pub with a Viking theme but rather a true Viking dining hall. Upon entering I had a nice chat with the barkeeper and had the first Mead of my life (Linden Mead from Germany) and that was delicious. We drank to health and good times and then I moved on to meet Iris and the rest for a fantastic dinner.

Iris, Barry, Andreas and I – Not in the picture: Ken who actually took it 😛

The food comes on wooden plates and you eat with Viking silverware. The whole food (Mussles as starter, then a chicken and a fruit and pudding dessert) was a dream – such good quality. Everyone who enters is introduced by an announcer followed by applause and they´re seated wherever there is place with the words: “Meet your new friends!” The tables are long dining tables so if you´re alone you have no problem getting into a conversation with other people, brilliant concept! Live music was also provided according to the atmosphere of course on bagpipes, lutes and hand brace. If you ever go to Stockholm make sure to go there, you´ll have a great time!

Catch ya later,


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