Stockholm chronicles part 6: First WE in Sthlm & learning Swedish pt. 2

Our first weekend here was pretty cool but also lazy. Saturday was the first day since last December where we did not have anything to plan, visit or meet. No wedding to plan, no move to Sweden to plan, nothing. Well, nothing except training on Sunday about which you can read more in my weightlifting blog. So we crashed completely and slept through all Saturday until the evening. Then we went to Gamla Stan for some sightseeing and a hot chocolate in the Cafe Chokladkoppen right next to the Alfred Nobel Museum. A military marching band was playing, the sun was shining and we were relaxed-ish for the first time in months.


We are still concerned about the flat situation… in total we have only 3 weeks left to find something and so far didn´t have a viewing. I´m getting nervous and will disregard what the relocation assistant said and will look for places myself, too.

We also met with Ken who moved over here with us and Barry who moved some years earlier and his girlfriend Christina. Together we enjoyed a nice evening in the sun with a great view across Stockholm. After that we went to a wicked pizza place on Södermalm of which I forgot the name… It reminded me of Napolis in Galway, amazing Pizza.


Today, on Monday, I went to SFI, Swedish for Immigrants to sign up for language classes. It was super easy and took me a total of 30 minutes to do so. I took the Tunnelbahn number 14 to Zinkensdam station and from there it is only a 5 minute foot walk to Hornsgatan 122 where they are located in the 3rd floor. Upon entering I took a number and waited until I was called to the front desk. The lady took my details and I showed them my passport. You can do this if you do not have a Swedish ID card already if you are a citizen of the EU and have an address in Stockholm. After that I waited for around 15 minutes and then went into the back area for a little interview. A second lady asked me about my profession, skills, languages and eventually my preferred times for classes. I chose 13:00 – 17:00, very convenient since  it fits perfectly with my training schedule. I could also choose from a wide variety of schools to go to and was told I can switch schools anytime I want in case I move. She handed me the letter and I start 13:00 in 2 weeks.

Once again: The organization in this country makes my heart do a little dance. Did I mention how amazing the Tunnelbahn is? 🙂

Catch ya later,



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