My first training with squat shoes & Possibly a new gym

On Sunday I trained with Squat shoes for the first time. I bought the Powerlift II last week here in an Adidas store and was looking forward to trying them ever since. My overall squat position improved due to the better stability but especially my front squat went through the roof in terms of stance and form. Squat wise it was the heaviest training I have done thus far. I needed this although it may have been better to wait a few days. Afterall I´m still on the way back from a down phase with shitty food. But screw it, if I feel it, I´ll do it.

I also felt more stable on Deadlifts and pulled a new PR for 5er sets. But doing it I could feel my core give up on rep number 5. That´s what I meant in my last blog entry – My core needs work. And trust me, starting tomorrow it´ll get just that.

In the photo:  My legs after Deadlifts – I´m still improving my form but moving it close to the skin gives me a straighter back and more control. And I rather get a few bruises on my shin than injuring my back. Still, not optimal. 


Starting from tomorrow I´ll try my luck on a new routine for 3 weeks. I´ll train 6 times a week, a mix between powerlifting, core training and weight cardio. I´m not sure how this will go and how my body will respond to it, but I´ll give it my everything and see where I´ll end up.

I also think I found a gym that suits me. Lots of free weights, Squat racks, actual sunlight and the heat is not too extreme although it is still boiling in there. I trained at around 5°C in the Warehouse Gym all winter and even then I was sweating like a pig. So, best would be to train outside in the snow for me. The good thing about this gym is that they have several franchises in Stockholm and I can switch between them as I please which is important depending on where we´ll move and where I´ll work. I´ll go there again tomorrow and see if I can sign up for a month. The place is called Fresh Fitness (inside it´s not fresh but rather Sahara Fitness).

Yesterday’s training was short but heavy (for me):

  • Squats: 3 x 5 @ 100 KG
  • Front Squats: 2 x 5 @ 72.5 KG
  • Deadlifts 3 x 5 @ 112.5 KG (New PR)
  • Overhead Push Press 4 x 7 @ 50 KG

Catch ya later,


Hey I just met you – And this is Crazy – I´m gonna lift you – Lightweight, baby!

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