Sweden chronicles part 4: A day in the sun, shopping and the tax office

Today I moved out with my map, city guide and camera to find some interesting places. Stockholm has a lot to offer and even though I did not go into any of the buildings due to a bit of time restriction I got a neat impression. the weather was awesome today, over 20 degrees and sunshine. A lot of walking was done today.

You can find the picture gallery here 

A thing that always boggled my mind is how well dressed everyone is over here. Coming from Galway the difference is incredible – Sorry lads, no offense, but you know how many knackers and chavs in tracksuits are to be seen on shop street and restaurants and clubs 😀

None of that here! It feels like being “not fashionable” is a criminal offense over here. The stores reflect that. I´ve seen 3 H&M´s on one shopping street alone in city center and countless designer stores for clothes, shoes, jewelry, hair design and so on. My friend Stephen will love this city once he comes visit. However, make sure to bring some serious money with you. Stockholm is extremely pricey in every regard. We bought some food supplies for the week, only 4 bags, nothing fancy just basics – 110€. I also had a shitty overprices “smoothie” on my trip today. 4.50€ for 150 ml of cucumber water basically. But hey, that´s life.

We managed to kind of sort the horrible parking situation out. We now pay 15€ a day until the weekend and then we´ll make a big shopping trip to Lidl and drive the car to the airport afterwards. That should bring the price down to around 10€ per day. You see, if you think about bringing a car over here make sure to ask first if the apartment has a parking spot. You tend to forget if for years and years you have a free spot in front of your house.

We also managed to go to the tax office and sort our registration out. Without this tax number you won´t get jack shit over here. No bank account, no ID card, no phone contract, nothing. You basically go there, fill out a form that is also available in English, show them your passport / employment contract and in my case marriage license and boom, done. So make sure to bring those documents along. I also brought my birth certificate and college certificate etc. Just bring a folder with all official documents, you may need them at some point. You then wait between 1 and 3 weeks for them to approve or reject it. One thing I learned living abroad is that a German passport is worth gold in every regard. Once we have the tax number we will apply for an ID card. with that card you can do everything else then like subscriptions, banking and so on. Even for the gym they ask you to bring this ID with you to set up a subscription. Kind of silly if you ask me but hey, I´m a guest here so we´ll do what is required. It is def. worth mentioning how amazingly friendly the staff in the tax office are. They even kept the counter open for 10 minutes after they closed, just for us. Unthinkable in Germany  where they would kick you out and tell you to come back the next day.

Tomorrow I´ll hit yet another gym for test training, maybe do some more sightseeing and job hunting as well.

Catch ya later,


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