Sweden chronicles part 3: Tunnelbahn madness & Orwell was right

Okay, I survived day 3 in the “Venice of Scandinavia” and it was a good day. I took it easy and scouted the area a bit on my way to a gym where I had a test training. You can read up on that here. Of course I put my newly acquired Access card to use and took the Tunnelbahn, which is the Subway over here. Once more I have to say: The transport system is brilliant. I´m still trying to figure out which train goes where but my trusty City map helps me get around.

Sometimes I think I´m a bit stupid though – 2 situations in particular: First I walk through the big central station (this thing is huge, I nearly got lost) and I think “There sure are loads of foreigners in this country…” when hearing a language I don´t understand until it strikes me: I am in Sweden. This is not an English speaking country and of course they speak Swedish which I don´t know yet. Ffs Stefan, get your shit together!

Then I walk further and there sure are loads of people coming towards me, giving me funny looks. Is it because I´m in my gym clothes? Turns out the Tunnelbahn has its own, semi official walking direction system. People going to the subway will be on one side, those who leave on the other. The middle is kind of an open battleground. So I push through to the other side mumbling lots of “sorry”´s at people.

The parking situation is still worse than Stalingrad ´42 but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We have two options we´re currently waging but we will hopefully be able to make a decision tomorrow. One of them is putting the car into the airport long term parking area which is cheap for Stockholm. It said 860 Kronas for 12 days on the website. At the moment I pay around 400 Kronas per day. But what can you do? A police parking ticket here is min. 100€ or worse they tow or clamp the car which in our case could happen since we have Irish number plates on. But I´m in good spirits we will resolve the situation tomorrow.

Today I found out a thing that made my German heart and soul yell and cringe. Get this: As soon as you get your ID card here your personal details will be available online. People can basically find out where you live, what your full name is and even when you were born! It gets even worse. From a certain income on your salary is also visible on a website. It was very hard to believe that and I´ll have to do some research on that over the next days but not tonight. I´m pretty tired from training and we just went into an American Bar and had burgers which were a bit too good because now I´m really full… I´ll never eat something ever again!

Catch ya later 🙂


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