Sweden chronicles part 2: One step at the time

It´s the second day in Stockholm, I still have no idea what is going on to be honest but there seems to be a pattern forming. Today we met with Christian from the Nordic Relocation Group and talked about all the things we need to do. There is a lot more to take care of than in Ireland. Everything is way more similar to Germany over here in terms of organization and strictness. We will meet him again on Wednesday because before we can do anything we will need to register at the tax office. Only then can we get our Swedish ID card, a bank account, social security and all that. There are tips and tricks to it though and we will get special treatment because they have a deal with the office there to speed up the process. It is always worth working with a relocation company when moving to another country. This also defines the quality and level of organization of the company you relocate for – If they don´t offer any help and guidance I´d think twice about taking the job. But well… yeah… that´s just like… my opinion, man.

Turns out our temporary apartment is really bang right in the middle of Stockholm, next to the train station. Actually it is a fantastic location, very central and the place is nice. It´s just…so… small?! We had a big house with a garden back in Ireland, so it´ll be difficult for us to get used to restricted space for the next half year or so, at least until I found a job here. Another problem is that the real estate market over here is literally drained – The Swedes have an amazing country but they missed out on creating enough living space for all the people who entered the country. The recently added 200k immigrants and refugees did not help the fact that flats and houses are rare. Christian said today that the market is pretty much empty and it´ll be a challenge to find a place. However, after meeting him in person I have trust in his skills and I hope he´ll find a nice place. Afterall, this is what he does for a living.

What is also very strange is the parking situation over here – First of all, as expected in a capital city, parking spaces are rare. However here in Stockholm they have a “Cleaning Day” where you´re not allowed to park in certain streets. I first thought the guy in the hotel was joking – turns out to be true. There are signs all over the city advising what times the street will be cleaned and when not to park where. that makes it super difficult to find a spot, especially if you´re new. We now parked at the train station and paid 100 Kronas for an overnight ticket. Tomorrow we´ll check if there are long term parking options, because with the awesome public transportation system Stockholm has you don´t really need a car.

I got myself a monthly subscription to the public transport system in form of a chip card. It´s super easy to get, they sell them everywhere and charge them. For ca. 70 Euros you can take all busses, trains and the Tunnelbahn for 30 days. For a major city that price is amazing and I love it already.

My plan for tomorrow is:

  1. Sort the parking problem with our car out, either by long term parking in a car park or maybe driving it into the suburbs and taking the Bus back.
  2. Find a Gym to go and finally train again. I feel weak and chubby already.
  3. Take a little tour around the place with my camera and get some impressions

Catch ya later, folks 😀 



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