Finally back under the bar

I´m still looking for a gym to join on a permanent basis but I think the first step was done today. I went to the Power Club today, one of the few gyms I could find that had free weight squat racks. Actually a really cool place to train I have to say, pretty focused on lifting actual weights rather than using a treadmill 🙂

Also I met Abbe (I hope I spelled this right), a professional coach and olympic lifter. I booked a session with him on Friday morning to work on technique for Clean & Jerk and Power Snatching. These two versions of lifts are in my opinion the most challenging of them all, the kings class of lifting. Getting the movements down however is extremely challenging and difficult. I´m looking forward to it. I watched Abbe today how he destroyed two clients with murder workouts, a circle training of weights and insane cardio – Relentless! I´m thinking about to do something like this as well… but as I wrote in my first blog entry I hate cardio with a passion. Good for fat burning though.

The only downside to the gym is that it´s insanely hot in there. I went through 2 litres of water during my workout. I will go train at another gym on Thursday and check it out. The crappy nutrition and lack of training over the past weeks took a toll on my performance. I´m still alright-ish but def. lost power. Maybe it was due to the extreme heat in the gym, maybe not. Time to work and get me back on track because you know: If the bar ain´t bending you´re just pretending 🙂

This is what I did today:

  • Squat 5 x 5 @ 90KG
  • Deadlifts 5 x 5 @ 110KG
  • Overhead Press 5 x 6 @ 50KG
  • Hammer Curls 3 x 12 @ 15KG
  • Skull Crushers 3 x 12 @ 10KG

Walking to and from the gym is a nice change from driving by car. The walk after the training really helped bring the pulse down gently and cool down the muscles slowly.

Catch ya later 🙂



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