Fantastic Bands, Artists and Genres who inspire me

In here go my favorite artists and bands ever. I listen to a huge diversity when it comes to music. Basically I listen to music all the time, I dig through Youtube, Spotify and Soundcloud and find a lot of fantastic music you may have never heard of. Make sure to give them a try – The gallery will be expanded, this is a “work in Progress” section.

Galneryus – Melodic Power Metal from Japan

My friends know I´m a sucker for Japanese metal music – This one is one of my favorites. Galneryus, amazing power metal unlike you anything you have ever heard before. 

 Callejon – Screamo / Metal from Germany

What a Band!!! I follow them since they had only a few fans on Myspace way back when they just had their EP “Fauler Zauber, Dunkel Herz” out. For me they are the best German metal band out there. Callejon have a ton of songs so make sure to check them out! 

MUSE – The kings of crazy arrangements and fusion rock

Besides the Foo Fighters there is no other band that I love so much. For me Muse are absolute perfection, especially in a live environment. The concert I´ve been to in Dublin was the best I´ve ever seen. Full stop. I listen to Muse constantly and also love playing their music myself on drums and the guitar.  

Foo Fighters

I´ve listened to the Foo Fighters for the first time in 1999 I think. It was when “There is nothing left to lose” was just out and I also got my hands on “The color and the shape”. Coming from a small rural town with no internet I had no idea music like this even existed. The Foo Fighters have been with me ever since then and I´d consider myself a huge fan. I own all their albums and love to cover their songs on the drums and guitar. If I had to pick my favorite band in the world – they would be it.  

Bring me the Horizon – Screamo / Metal from the UK

Well, at this point everyone knows them and that´s a good thing. When I listened to their Album “Suicide Season” the first time in 2008 I was hooked immediately and never let go. For the Screamo and Hardcore Genre they opened a lot of doors. The development they went through is astonishing and I admire them as artists and a band. “Can you see the duck?” 😀  

Versailles – Melodic Baroque Power Metal from Japan

This band actually got me started and dragged me into Japanese music big time. A fantastic band with incredible melody arrangements. If the old classical masters would be alive today they would listen to Versailles!

Bob Dylan

My earliest memory of listening to music is Bob Dylan and Joe Cocker. I still can sing along to every single song of “Slow Train Coming” by Dylan. A fantastic artist who documented the world, his life and everyday situations in his music. Def. one of THE musicians of the century for me. 

NuHouse & House music

I´m such a fanboy of NuHouse music. Put this on in a club and you can scratch me off the dancefloor 6AM in the morning. The melody arrangements are also an influence in songwriting for me, it puts a logical order into songs.

Japanese Eurobeat music

I am a fan of Anime, Manga and Comics – No surprise I stumbled over “Initial D” at some point. Now that series is pretty decent BUT the true burner is the Soundtrack. Basically the whole Initial D Soundtrack is Eurobeat, a better, faster and insaner version of Eurodance back in the 90´s. I´m blasting this playlist up and down on a regular basis.

Ben Folds – Acoustic Fusion from the other side of the Ocean

Ben Folds – Clever lyrics, life stories and acoustic fusion music – What an artist! Find him on Facebook and Twitter

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