My music – What I do

I love writing, playing and recording music, well, until now. Because all my music equipment went into storage when we moved to Sweden. For the first time in 15 years I am without an instrument. I feel kind of stuck now because it is one of my ways to deal with life, a thing I need. Will I survive the time until I have my equipment back? And then there is the question of space. I have A LOT of stuff and although I sold some of it it is still a huge amount. I lived in a 5 room house in Ireland and had plenty of space for it all. That will of course not be possible here for the first time due to rent prices and all that. A lot of questionmarks and no answers…

But I will use the time to get to know the music scene here and maybe find a band to play with. Afterall the Swedes love metal and rock! Once I am set up I will start sharing more content here but that may take a while.

You can find me on


Catch ya later, folks 😀 



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