Pumping Iron – Why Weightlifting?

After I had 2 pretty bad back injuries with slipped discs I completely stopped doing sports. I got weak, chubby and felt like crap. Playing games, watching Netflix paired with an office job – a deadly mix. My wife Iris got me motivated to start with sports again. She achieved amazing results in a full body transformation and diet. I wanted this, too – but how? I hate cardio, so running is out of the question. I do like swimming but the pool is miles away. Cycling in Ireland is not really possible since it rains all the time and the roads are death traps. But wait, there is something I was really good at: Lifting heavy ass weight!

Bodybuilding is not something I want to focus on since I want to get stronger and buff, not count macros and calories all the time. So I ended up getting into Olympic and Powerlifting, something I really enjoy doing. It quickly became my favorite hobby and I went to the gym with my workout partner Morten 3 times a week for 2 hours, and also did some stuff at home to pump the disco muscles.

I focus on compounds mainly, Squats, benchpress, deadlifts and overhead press. I also started taking lessons for clean and jerk as well as snatching. What an amazing, challenging and powerful sport! I trained in the Warehouse Gym in Galway for a good while and now after moving to Stockholm I am looking for a new gym. A difficult task… I will blog about my progress, training plan and food in this section. I try to learn as much as I can so please share ideas and experiences with me! 😁

Catch ya later, folks 😀 


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