Ireland chronicles part 3: A storm is coming

Hello again! 🙂

What the serious hell? This cannot be happening! Not less than 12 hours before we are supposed to move. Not only did we lose a cylinder, we lost the engine control unit, the starter and due to that unburned fuel is floating into the cat, which may lead to a follow up damage. Okay, time to think rational here. What are the options? First we call bioware and tell them that we cannot start on the date we were supposed to. They are very easy to deal with and move the start date, no problem. Then we need to move the ferry booking, one call, done. Great! We solve the housing problem by crashing at my aunts and uncles place for a few days. Now we stare at the phone, waiting for the garage to call and tell us the car is ready.

When they do they warn us that the car could break down as well due to the unburned fuel that was flowing through the broken cylinder. Well, the bill is already 1700ish euros and we really do not have any money to spare. So we thank them and take the risk. As we are driving back to my aunts place the engine warning and control lamp lights up. Are you kidding me right now? The ferry leaves once more tomorrow morning! Decision time: The engine runs normally until now. Should we take the chance of the car breaking down in Belgium or France and just go? No way, that would be plain stupid, something only a person on reality tv would do. So we repeat the process of calls and driving to the garage.

Another 2 days and total of 2500 euros for both reapairs later we are finally sorted. Our nerves are a wreckage and we were more than once close to a meltdown. We even had to borrow some money from the family to pay for the repairs, too. It is not easy to deal with this if your resources are limited and your career and existence are on the line. Finally we are ready to go and start our journey to Cherbourg from where the ferry will take us to Ireland. The drive is pretty uneventful other than the road toll in France which is very expensive.

So, we board the ferry and check into our cabin, so far so good. What follows then can only be described as the worst night in the history of nights. The Irish captain announces that there will be “some movement” on the crossing. Some movement turns out to be a huge winter storm on the Atlantic, since we are crossing in December. It is impossible to walk on the ship and the waves are higher than houses, I have never seen something like this before. The floors are empty, everyone is in their cabins. Up and down we go, again and again, the noise of the ship hitting the waves is loud and the smashing makes it impossible to sleep. So we just doze off every now and then trying to not get sick. We are awake more than 24 hours at this point.

With 5 hours delay we eventually arrive in Rosslare, Ireland. What a sight, finally we are there. The crossing itself took 21 hours, total time awake by now is 30 hours. And we still have more than 4 hours of driving to do, in the rain, on tiny roads with traffic on the left side in an overloaded car.

Arriving in Galway, and setting up shop – all that and more in part 4

Catch ya later, folks 😀 


Picture Gallery: Ireland


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