Ireland chronicles part 2: Preparations

Welcome back 🙂

The preparation starts by handing in our notice in the companies we work in. We waited until both contracts arrived from Ireland because if you move abroad do not make the mistake to trust people on their word. There will be situations where they forget to do something, answer or organize and then you are stuck. They aren’t the ones without a job or flat then. Only deal in cold hard facts, not assumptions. Handing in my notice was again a bummer for me and I guess also for my then boss. I had started to work there only half a year ago and it was a very good company, good people and solid leadership and mentoring. I even had a company car, petrol card and all that. However a choice had to be made: Comfort and safety or pursue my lifelong dream and work abroad?

See, a chance like this does not come easily. You need to find the right company, the right product, the right people and the right city and country. All these things alligned with bioware. That and the fact that Iris and I had gotten a job in the same company made it clear that it was now or never. We opened adverds and started selling off our household, because at the time the relocation package offered was very small. We had little to no savings, maybe a total of 4k euros to our name. And that money was needed for deposit, ferry crossing, petrol and a month of living costs until the first payday.

We found someone to take over the flat quickly, sold what we could and shipped the rest to Bavaria where we put it into storage in the house of Iris mother. Things are stored there until today, nearly 5 years later 😄 My good friend Frank uses to say: Moving 3 times is the same as if your house burns down. And that is right. You sell so much, leave so many things behind that by the time you did it 3 times you have exchanged everything. So, all that was done and I have to say: It was a brilliant teamwork that was going on there between Iris and me.

The last night in Germany, tomorrow we drive 800km to Cherbourg in France to board the ferry. The car is packed under the roof, all our belongings are in there, the flat is empty. I will just drive some boxes to the bin. Lost in thought I throw them in, sit down in the car and turn the key. A weird noise. Dammit, I turn it again, and a black cloud of smoke appears at the rear. Gurgling noises, the rpm of the engine go up and down like a motherfucker. Shit, did one of the cylinders just crap the bed? By sheer luck I make my way down to the Ford garage Förster in Koblenz Metternich and the mechanic manages to push me into a slot as an emergency. But there is no way this will be fixed until tomorrow…

The struggle continues in part 3, so stay tuned!

Catch ya later, folks 😀 


Picture Gallery: Ireland

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