Ireland chronicles part 1: Moving abroad – How did it all start?

The Ireland chronicles reflect back on my time in this beautiful country, the emerald island. Back then I did not take enough time to document the interesting and exciting journey, that will change now. I will try and explain the country, people and life there to the best of my abilities.

I lived in Germany most of my life. I grew up, went to school, studied and worked there. But I always had this feeling we call “Fernweh” in me which describes the feeling you get when you want to go and explore the world, see other regions and countries. I never quite knew how to do it though.

In 2011 I visited the games exhibition Gamescom in Cologne and was approached by a scout from BioWare, the game studio that made Dragon Age and Mass Effect. We had a nice chat about games, my current career and this new center they were building in Ireland. Eventually she gave me her card and we both went our ways.

Fast forward a few weeks. I’m sitting on my PC playing Battlefield BC 2 and after a match ended my view gets cought by the card on my desk. I say to my girlfriend Iris (now wife) that it would be funny to apply there just for shits and giggles, see if I still got it in me. So I go to the website, fill out the form, write my first English CV which was horrible looking back now and send it. We both say that nothing will come of it but still ask ourselves the question ‘what if…’

And another time leap, a week into the future. I am in stage 3 of the application process, what the hell? Is this actually happening? I sit down with Iris and we have our first serious talk about the option moving to another country. Quit our jobs, our flat, leave friends and family? And how would this work anyways? How do we start a new life from 0? We decide that we both want this and that we are ready for this challenge and as long as we are together we will figure everything out. The same night Iris applied as well.

Another week passes and by now my contract is on its way to Germany. Iris is in the final interview stage and it is looking good. So, this really is happening now. It is difficult to realize that this is not going to be a holiday or trip but actually a start to a new life in a country we have never been to. We are unsure what to expect. What about the language, the people, insurance, infrastructure, money for the relocation? We google the crap out of our pc’s, making calls, writing letters and emails to find all the anwers we can to be well prepared.

A few days later a devastating blow, Iris got rejected… how did that happen and why? She has the perfect experience and qualifications! We are torn between being upset and still wanting to do it. Will it be possible for her to come with me and find a job up there later? That night I drive to the monastry Maria Laach and go to the church there at 3AM to think. This place holds special memories for me and it is one of few places where I feel completely in touch with myself. I sit there, look at the clear sky above and ask my dead granny for advice on what to do. The next day the sign comes – Iris application was rejected by mistake – She has the job! Wow, we both dance and scream out of joy and happiness.

Find out how we make it to Ireland and what awaited us there in part 2! 😁

Catch ya later, folks 😀 


Picture Gallery: Ireland


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