Sweden chronicles part 1: A new life ahead – Moving from Ireland to Sweden

I arrived in Stockholm yesterday evening after a 19 hour ferry journey and 2700 Kilometres on the road across Europe. I sit in a hotel room and write this text after spending a day in the city, exploring and scouting. I am not quite sure what to feel or think at this point. It is difficult to put all the feelings in a word. There is great excitement, anticipation and concern going on at the same time. Will we find a flat and will it be nice? How long will it take me to learn Swedish? Will I find a new fulfilling job?

I worked in Electronic Arts Ireland for nearly 5 years before I handed in my notice 4 weeks ago to accompany my wife to Sweden where she got a dream job in a great company. Would it have been wiser to keep my job and stay in Ireland until I have a new job here? From a financial perspective: Maybe, but not necessarily. The main reason for me was the fact that I got married a month and a half ago and I did not want to be seperated from Iris for what could turn into several months. Some called me unresponsible or crazy for doing this. However, I believe that everything that ends creates something new.

It was a big leap and a lot of stress and planning. The wedding and months of planning for it had just ended when we immediately had to make a huge decision: Move or not and if, together or seperated? There was quite some back and forth on that note but as usual we sat down, talked it over and made a decision together. So the next big project came up: The move to Sweden. Weeks of planning, research, goodbye parties and meets with friends followed. That was a hard time for me and I lost a lot of sleep over it although it did not show on the outside. I take friendship serious and if someone says that friends can be exchanged easily they never had real friends or simply do not deserve them.

The hardest part was to write my notice. I loved working at EA, the people I worked with and the job I had in Community Management. Am I insane to throw this away? Only time will tell, I guess. It took me a while to finish the letter, I could not get the words out. When I handed it to Gary, the HR Manager I nearly got sick. That was it, no way back now, only forward. That was only one of many “shit just got real” moments that would follow over the next weeks. There was another one when our household items were picked up by the removal company, or the time we met our good friends to say goodbye. Then the one where we sat in an empty house, handed over the keys and saw Ireland disappear in the fog and rainclouds as the ferry pulled away from shore.

Find out about our roadtrip to Sweden the first impressions in the next entry :mrgreen:

Catch ya later, folks 😀 



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